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Dental Crowns and Bridges

What are dental crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic solutions for weak, damaged or decayed teeth. Unlike other devices such as dentures, which can be removed daily, crowns or bridges are cemented onto the already existing teeth and can be only removed by a dentist.

What is a dental crown and why to get one

A dental crown is basically a cap that fits over an already existing tooth that is weak, decayed, chipped or tk and prevents further damage to it.

The process of getting a dental crown is not difficult at all. The damaged tooth is cleaned off of any decay and reshaped so the actual crown can fit, after that it is cemented to what’s left of the natural tooth.

Dental crown materials varies depending on the area of the damage tooth and they can be stronger or more natural looking.

For example a porcelain crown may be used on a front tooth so it can be more aesthetically appealing, or if the damage would be on the back side, then metal alloy or gold would be a better choice because they are stronger materials.

Here is a list of the most used materials for crowns:

  • Porcelain
  • Metal alloys
  • Gold
  • Acrylic
  • Ceramic

The reason somebody would want a dental crown are pretty obvious, firstly because of irritating pain of an damaged tooth or teeth and secondly because unappealing aesthetics. Crowns are the most effective way of treating those problems.

What is a bridge and why to get one

Unlike a crown which is fitted over an already existing tooth, a bridge is more complex and has another purpose.

A bridge is used when there is no tooth at all and the patient wants to fill the gap, that’s when the bridge comes in handy. It is basically a manufactured tooth that is kept in place by two other crowns which are place on the neighbouring teeth of the missing one.

Usually bridges are made out of porcelain fused to metal so it look as close as possible to a natural tooth and at the same time is as strong as possible.

The reason for getting a bridge is as well an obvious one. Who wants a gap in his smile?